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FREE SHIPPING North America Wide on all orders $15+

Our Story

Due to COVID-19, a notable hospitality company had to make the tough but necessary decision to reduce all service, significantly impacting its restaurants operations.

Now, this hospitality company has pivoted its business to distribute safety boxes with hard-to-find items such as masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, surface sanitizer, and immune boosters, all together in one convenient box, at an affordable price - with the ultimate goal of donating one million medical-grade masks through this initiative.

Honeycomb Hospitality (Baro Toronto, The Loft On King, Dasha Toronto, Petty Cash) are the owners and operators of many successful dining and nightlife establishments in downtown Toronto, Canada. With the hospitality industry decimated by COVID-19, all of Honeycomb’s establishments were forced to close dine-in operations, and their employees left without work. Facing their own business struggles in this troubling environment, the owners of Honeycomb witnessed another societal problem - the lack of accessibility of essential items and protective gear, and the turmoil it was causing for individuals and families across North America.

"When we were faced with the unsettling knowledge that essential items were increasingly hard to find, with demand for some products surging up to 500%, we began brainstorming how to solve this problem right away."
Matty Tsoumaris

Partner at Honeycomb Hospitality & Founder of Project Safety Box.

"We had a diverse group of entrepreneurs around the table who shared a history of collaborating together and had complementary skill sets including e-commerce, technology, logistics, distribution, and marketing. That evening, the concept for Project Safety Box was born."

Project Safety Box has two stated goals. To provide the public with access to essential protective items in a safe and efficient manner, and to donate one million facemasks to frontline workers. For every Safety Box purchased, five masks will be donated.

Each safety box will provide a 30-day supply of essential items for individuals and families starting at $35.00 CAD. Each box will include masks, gloves, hand and surface sanitizers, and immune boosters. For the safety of everyone who purchases a Project Safety Box, we have established and follow strict regulatory guidelines to source only the best quality products to ensure the highest level of protection.

The safety boxes can be ordered online and shipped anywhere in Canada or the United States with contactless delivery. This is intended to solve another major problem facing the public.

"The public has been advised to avoid public spaces like pharmacies and grocery stores, yet we need to purchase food, medicine, and protective equipment."
Tom Yawney

Founder of Project Safety Box.

"Due to a supply shortage, purchasing supplies may require visits to three or four different stores - which is counterproductive. It’s inefficient and it amplifies the possibility of the virus spreading. With Project Safety Box, we can ensure these items get into the right hands at an affordable price without ever leaving the house. Most importantly, you can feel good about your decision because every box purchased results in five masks being donated to frontline workers."

In the coming weeks and months, communities throughout North America will be living in a new normal. Social interactions, communities returning to work, and store visits will require a considerable stock of face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. In March, it was noted by The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that if the pandemic lasts a year, the U.S. would only have about 1% of the masks needed to keep America safe. Project Safety Box is committed to aiming higher.

"It was incredibly troublesome to see people who couldn’t find or afford hand sanitizer, attempting to make it on their own or spending large sums of money to acquire a small amount. In this crisis, these items must be more readily available and affordable, or we will never be effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19."